What Hitler and Donald Trump Have In Common.

1.)  They have really bad haircuts.

2.)  Both use intimidation at their political rallies.

3.)  They have shitty books that lay out their beliefs.

4.)  Both are xenophobic nationalists who make big promises that lack substance.

5.)  Yes, both books are shitty.  Being a best seller doesn’t mean its not shitty.  Just look at Micheal Bey films and the Twilight series.

6.)  Their taste in art is questionable at best.

7.)  They both like tacky ostentatious displays.

8.)  Both thrive on fear and intimidation.

9.)  They both have really shitty taste in architecture.

10.)  Both are mediocre talents with good charisma.

11.)  No really, their taste in architecture is terrible.  Both Hitler and Trump have a stiffy for marble.

12.)  Both of them really like the color black.

13.)  Hitler and Trump both have terrible tempers.

14.)  Their egos could fill the Reichstag and the Taj Mahal.

15.)  Both hold grudges.

16.)  Really, their taste in art and architecture is really, really bad.  Brass and Marble?  Really?

17.)  Neither really live in the places their claim as their homes.

18.) Both are known for rumors and jokes about their dicks.

19.)  I cannot assure you how bad their taste was.

20.)  Both will be long remembered for what terrible people they were.


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