Waffle House of Representatives.

Last night during the Democratic Debates a particular peculiarity to popular politics popped up again.  (Suck my alliteration Stan Lee)  Lincoln Chafee, who put on a great Admiral Stockdale impression, was asked why he had changed from a Republican to a Democrat about ten years ago.  Hillary Clinton who disproved she was in fact an android (and that she takes longer than a commercial break to pee), was asked why she changed her mind on the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.  Back in 2008, Clinton also got her balls busted over her vote for the war in Iraq.  In a totally surprising political move she’s straight up said, she was wrong and made a bad call.   Lincoln Chafee during the debate last night also sank himself for admitting he screwed up the Glass-Steagall vote back in 2000.

Horror of Horrors, a politician made a mistake and admitted to it.  Even worse, they changed their minds.

That really grinds my gears, America.

For some stupid God awful reason, America seems to really hate it when a politician changes their minds or makes a mistake.

Unless of course it’s a change of mind we like, or you know, they’re Hillary Clinton.

First off, let me tell you something about Hillary.

Ya see that old dude Hillary is sitting with?  That’s Barry Goldwater.


Barry Goldwater was a Republican candidate in 1964.  Hillary was a supporter of Goldwater.  Yes, Hillary used to identify as a Republican.  Goldwater wasn’t any old Republican either.  He opposed the Civil Rights Act because he felt it violated States Rights (though honestly he supported Civil Rights, he was just a huge States Righter).  He was virulently anti-Communist, like he wanted to nuke North Vietnam anti-communist.  He thought Eisenhower was too Liberal, and wanted to make Social Security voluntary.  Goldwater inspired Ronald Reagan to run for President.  Thanks Goldwater.

Yes, this was who Hillary Supported as a teenager and member of the Young Republicans.  Yet, by the time she graduated college, she had quit the YR’s, supported an anti-war candidate in ’68, organized student strikes and helped push for more black students and faculty.  She was still a Republican, yes, and voted for Nelson Rockefeller, a man who honestly would be a Democrat today.  By the early 1970’s she was working for Walter Mondale, Marian Wright Edelman, and Anne Wexler.  Hell, she was a law intern for literal Communists!

So you see, she started changing her damn mind right out of college!  Crazy right?  I mean, what is this person doing going to college and changing their entire political view based upon life experiences and assimilation of new information?!

Hey, anyone remember this guy?


If you don’t.  Quit reading this article.  You’re too uninformed to continue.  Go read some articles about American politics and come back to this part.

John Kerry, former Senator, current Secretary of State, and man with the charisma of Brussel Sprouts, was also from what we’ve been told, a vile Communist Traitor and Sympathizer.  Strangely enough, when he graduated college, where he actually won competitive debates arguing against the Vietnam War, he joined the Navy and became…a war hero?  Say what?  But hold on, there’s more!  Apparently he also became an anti-war activist!?


Well, Holy Shit!  Look at him there.  That’s him at the Fullbright Hearings which were meant to end the war in Vietnam.  Yet, he was also a member of the Navy still at the time!  Hell he stayed as a reservist until 1978!  So many different and changing opinions and viewpoints!!!

Funny thing is though, he voted for the war in Iraq as the right thing to do, just like Hillary did.  He was pilloried when he ran in 2004 for President when he said, “I voted for it before I voted against it,” referring to authorizing the war and then later refusing to finance it.  Why?  After we found out Saddam didn’t have any WMD’s or relations to Bin-Laden and that we had been duped by the Bush administration, he wasn’t keen on keeping the war going.  Crazy huh?  Kind of weird that he changed his mind JUST LIKE THE REST OF AMERICA FREAKING DID!

You see, that’s why drives me up the damn wall.  Why aren’t politicians allowed to change their minds about stuff?  We change our minds all the damn time.  Hell the purpose of the debate where Chaffee and Clinton were called out for changing their opinions WAS TO CHANGE PEOPLES OPINIONS!  How’s that for irony Alanis?

It’s not like people’s opinions change over time on stuff like gay marriage, gun control, or any other set up subject.  Hell, we change our minds on if we like Kanye or not.  I mean our opinions on soda changes.  Why did our opinion on soda change?  Could it be the stacks of articles, books, and shows that talk about how terrible it is for you?  You see, as we became more aware of how crappy soda is for you, we started to dislike it and so it became less popular because our opinions changed.

Crazy right?

So if I’m getting this right.  When we are exposed to new ideas, new information, and new experiences we form new and changing opinions based upon that information.  I believe we call this process LEARNING!  It happens everywhere.  From the minute you watch five minutes of Donald Trump and decide he is a living hemorrhoid, to your teacher showing you how photosynthesis works, to meeting a person from a minority group you have never met before, to reading a study on the toxicity of chemicals, you have opinions change.  Whether they’re right opinions or wrong opinions is subjective and only born out of the long term.  Sometimes these opinions are misinformed, and we try to change them!

Every time you get into an internet fight on Facebook, the comments of a news article, or tweet off, you are trying to change someones opinion!  Be it about gun control or how much of a douchebag Tom Brady is, its an exchange of information and opinion.  Every argument is based on trying to win on an opinion.   You want people to change their minds every day….except your politicans and leaders.  Yet, you want to change your boss’ mind about how much he pays you but god forbid if a politician changes his mind about taxes.

Why am I so lenient on these guys?  Easy.  Back in 1994, I was a member of the Teenage Republicans.  I actually went to go meet Dick Cheney at the airport to have a copy of The Commanders signed by him.  It’s still a very prized possession of mine.  In 1994, I prized it because “I have a book signed by the Secretary of Defense!”  In 2014 my mentality is “Hey, I have a book signed by a guy who is pretty much a war criminal!”  Even my politics have changed over the years.

Yes, some politicians waffle and flip flop on issues, but those guys rarely last long as they are so weak and ineffective.  You actually want your politicians to change their opinions and viewpoints really, and you actually want them to.  Every petition, protest, angry re-post, and time you shout at the screen you are wanting them to change.

But only if its a change you like and are comfortable with though right?

That’s not dogmatic, rigid, and uncompromising at all is it?


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