Stop going on Fox News.

If you haven’t been, oh I dunno, marooned on a tropical island for the past twenty years with just sports equipment to keep you company, you probably know the deal with Fox News.

For a empty ball, he's still smarter than Hannity.

“There was no Bengazi cover-up, you asshole!”

Fox News has pretty much made it standard to be absolute assholes to it’s guests.

Everything from talking over them:

To attacking them:

To trying (and failing) to confuse them with wrong facts:

To discrediting them professionally:

Seriously, they’ve been doing this for twenty years now. Just today, I saw this absolutely condescending, insulting, and frankly rude interview:
Oh, by the way, Hannity wants to educate this woman when he’s a college dropout who hosts a tv and radio show, and Patricia Bynes has worked in politics for years.

So that’s why I say…


Seriously folks, just stop going on there. Any form of lazy Googlefying will prove that they are lying, abusive, insulting, agenda driven tools. In fact, did you know that they admitted back in 2003 that they lie and distort the news?

Fox thrives off of it’s confrontational nature, it’s ability to get noticed by being so loud and obnoxious. They are basically the TV version of those loud Twitter/Tumbler activists people scream about. They will not change, they will not ever admit to being wrong, they will not stop lying to people. They will continue to berate guests, they will insult you, scream at you, and they will lie about you the next day to reinforce that they are right. We have seen time and again them cut off guests for schooling them, for getting the better of their hosts.

You may win one fight here and there, but they won’t ever stop. People who keep going on there are rolling a boulder up a hill.


You’re merely playing along.

So that’s why, today, I’m telling you, and want all of you to spread the word. No more.

No more playing along, no more giving them what they want. Let them shout into an echo chamber you can’t ever win over.

Share this around on your little social media webs and such, and share the idea.



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