It’ll probably end up working better than OKCupid….

About a year and a half to two years ago, I found a weird little lump under my left ear. No biggie. I went to my doctor and told him about it, and it he just said it was a swollen lymph node, probably because I smoke. No biggie.

Well, it has been VERY slowly getting larger. It’s not painful, but it does sometimes give me an earache, and sometimes makes my throat a little scratchy. I haven’t thought much about it until my friend had a lump on her arm checked out and removed, which was just a lipoma, nothing serious.

Well, with my family history of cancer, and me being a smoker for 15 years (and being a dipper for a few….ewww, gross, I know) I have decided to go get it checked out.
I’m getting a CT scan of it done sometime in the next two weeks by order of the ENT Doctor. There’s a probability that they will operate and remove it. It’s not a serious surgery, just an overnight stay, and a nice big scar that basically is going to end up maybe becoming a free necklift.

So cool. Free cosmetic surgery.

I’m fine. Being the slight hypochondriac I am, I know it’s not cancer, as I haven’t had any sudden major weight loss, no night sweats, etc. So, it’s at worst what they call a pleomorphic adenoma, which IS a tumor, but a benign one. They just cut it out because it will always keep growing and end up looking like a huge freaky-deaky lump that makes me look like I live in the third world….or am subject to having no insurance in the American medical system. THANKS OBAMA!

Just wanted to let you guys know ahead of time so if I do end up having the cancer and drop dead of noggin cancer, it doesn’t come as a surprise.

Oh, and I am accepting pity fucks. Pity oral and hand jobs accepted.


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