SQL Injection of Emotional Torment.

So my girlfriend cheated on me, broke up with me, started dating the person she cheated on me with, and finally unfriended me on Facebook.

Yes, it hurt, and I’m getting better, but every so often the Facebook Messenger pops up her face and name off to the side in a sort of fucked up gesture of, “Hey, we noticed you started feeling better about yourself, and have started getting over it. Well look at your ex’s smiling face…GAZE UPON IT FOR IT WILL NOT GO AWAY NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU REFRESH THE PAGE! FEEL HER TAUNTING SMILE GAZE INTO YOUR SOUL. NO EMOTIONAL HEALING FOR YOU!!!”

I know you guys at Facebook are busy, but do you think you could fix that little bit of code please?

Oh, but thanks for the 56 flavors of gender.

I picked pistachio almond.


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